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 What's in a name? the origin of the word 'Didgeridoo' (incl.sound)5 comments
picture2 Jul 2003 @ 14:40
'Didgeridoo' is a strange name for an even stranger instrument.

Here is the story of how it was named:  More >

 The Art of Asking7 comments
picture29 Jun 2003 @ 15:11
One of the most unnoticed and underestimated human capacities is the ability to ask. To continually increase this fundamental ability is of great relevance for every person.

(Here is the full article, originally written for the "Odidere" Journal, plus links to German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations!)  More >

 Meme-Trashing Party: Today: Cause and Effect...35 comments
picture28 Jun 2003 @ 19:49
One of the most hideous, rampant & insane meme around is that of the human perception of "Cause and Effect". Buddha ranted about it 2,500 years ago, Nietzsche rubbed it into his readers' mind many times in various ways.

This meme persists, even makes its home in the brains of people who claim to have a 'rational' approach to Life, Universe and Everything.  More >

 Vernonia: Weed, Medicine, or Future Crop ?8 comments
picture27 Jun 2003 @ 16:13
A plant which can be found quite often at the wayside in California is the genus Vernonia (of which over 1000 species exist).

Most people think it's a weed but animals use it for self-medication...  More >

 You made your bed - now sleep in it!12 comments
picture25 Jun 2003 @ 16:56
If you think your home & bed isn't comfortable enough for you and your family, you may want to look at this mother and her 2 kids...  More >

 Eredo: Queen Sheeba's Pyramid in Nigeria - larger than Gizeh?88 comments
picture24 Jun 2003 @ 15:48
One of the targets of my next trip (to Nigeria) will be Eredo, seen by some as the burial place, if not the original home land of Queen Shebah.

There, still covered by the jungle, lies hidden a pyramid  More >

 Acara-Je: The Ultimate Food for Gods and Men (see Video!!)12 comments
picture23 Jun 2003 @ 08:09
Now everybody wants to know what Acara-Je means.
OK, OK..
Real Bloggers don't eat Quiche!!!!

They eat...  More >

 The SnowQueen Meme, Contemp TV, and its Undoing - Part 15 comments
picture22 Jun 2003 @ 13:03
One of the most profound and startling impacts in my early childhood was H.C. Andersen's tale of the Snowqueen, a tale in seven parts. There was something in there that I didn't understand but I felt compelled all my life to solve this riddle. Now, nearly half a century later, I am still puzzled. But today, I can't claim the innocense of a little child anymore, just letting the tears flow with Gerda and Kay, and delegate the solutions to all of these crazy things to the next fifty years. Or can I?

Andersen, from the land of Kierkegaard and Ming the Mechanic, a world citizen nearly 200 years ago, described a Meme that now rules American TV, infesting and conquering the rest of the world, country after country. The antivirus still has to be developed. A call to arms for Bloggers (hint, hint)?  More >

 Healing the World Through Healing Yourself...10 comments
picture21 Jun 2003 @ 11:53
As modern science is progressing from simple enumerations and classifications towards an actual understanding of the structures underlying the phenomena of our world, more and more ancient and time-honored philosophical concepts are being validated.

One of them is the recognition of the fractal nature of the Universe and all its life within. This concept, traditionally known as 'as above, so below', recognizes that the basic structures or geometries that we can find in the world have common templates after which they are shaped.  More >

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