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 Meme-Trashing Party: Cause and Effect...Part II21 comments
picture6 Jul 2003 @ 17:12
From Nietsche and Wittgenstein back to the Indian Gurus:

From the preface to "The Samkhya Philosophy" by Nandala Sinha, a book that sums it pretty much up on 700+ pages:

"The first and foremost amongst these [the cardinal doctrines of the Samkkhya School-mx] is the Sat-Karya-Siddhanta or the Established Tenet of Existent Effect. It is is the Law of the Identity of Cause and Effect:  More >

 What is Inside and What is Outside?7 comments
picture5 Jul 2003 @ 12:13
When Jeff yesterday bitterly complained about the fences separating US (as in we) from US (as in the federal property of the United States of America (wasn't there some rule a few centuries ago that they should own only Washington DC and some strange island?", I was strangely reminded of the age-old question "What is Inside and What is Outside?".

Of course, one could see this as a definition of the game of Life, Universe, and Everything.

But that doesn't seem to be enough...  More >

 Independence, freedom ... to do what??27 comments
picture4 Jul 2003 @ 23:55
Today a dear friend of mine and his son (who will be 16 on the 5th) went out to the Eastern part of the Sierra Nevada. We saw the splendour, the magnificence of nature.. we passed by Red Rock Canyon (photo also available as desktop/screensaver picture!). We talked about the 4th of July, Independence day, then Jeff said..  More >

 Proverb of the day: Never write more than what you read11 comments
picture3 Jul 2003 @ 23:40
Nice saying: Never write more than what you read!

Maybe I should stop now..

but then,  More >

 What's in a name? the origin of the word 'Didgeridoo' (incl.sound)5 comments
picture2 Jul 2003 @ 14:40
'Didgeridoo' is a strange name for an even stranger instrument.

Here is the story of how it was named:  More >

 From my garden: Agave Sandoriana !?13 comments
picture1 Jul 2003 @ 15:58
My latest additions to my garden will be several unusual agave plants. While many agave plants have shark-like teeth, I have never seen anything that scary. After asking specialists (botanists), a scientific name has not been established for this one, so I just claim it myself to boost my ego a bit today, hehe :-)  More >

 Quote from Lieh-Tzu (~400 B.C.)6 comments
picture30 Jun 2003 @ 16:29
If you understand what it means to be effortless, then there is nothing you cannot do. You can be yin or yang, hard or soft, short or long, round or square...By knowing and doingnothing, you can know all and do all.  More >

 The Art of Asking7 comments
picture29 Jun 2003 @ 15:11
One of the most unnoticed and underestimated human capacities is the ability to ask. To continually increase this fundamental ability is of great relevance for every person.

(Here is the full article, originally written for the "Odidere" Journal, plus links to German, Spanish, and Portuguese translations!)  More >

 Meme-Trashing Party: Today: Cause and Effect...35 comments
picture28 Jun 2003 @ 19:49
One of the most hideous, rampant & insane meme around is that of the human perception of "Cause and Effect". Buddha ranted about it 2,500 years ago, Nietzsche rubbed it into his readers' mind many times in various ways.

This meme persists, even makes its home in the brains of people who claim to have a 'rational' approach to Life, Universe and Everything.  More >

 Vernonia: Weed, Medicine, or Future Crop ?8 comments
picture27 Jun 2003 @ 16:13
A plant which can be found quite often at the wayside in California is the genus Vernonia (of which over 1000 species exist).

Most people think it's a weed but animals use it for self-medication...  More >

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