The Sandorian Grove: Meme Trashing Party: Cause and Effect Part III

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 Meme Trashing Party: Cause and Effect Part III2 comments
picture12 Jul 2003 @ 08:49, by Max Sandor

Catastrophe Theory finally unearths some of the secrets of cause and effects, and, heavens!, a scientific (!?) reference to the hysteresis phenomenon that is mentioned in the 'Purple Notebook' a few times.

check here for the sketches..

Note, that this describes equally the behavior of a polarity. Now, if someone could just...

explains this whole kaboodle in plain English, maybe even Pidgin, to cover more grounds.

In the meantime, I'll relax at the poolside in the glorious Sandorian Grove, waiting for Ming the Mechanic's party to kick off, hehe ;-)

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