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picture5 Sep 2003 @ 15:02, by Max Sandor

Maria Lee from the Wholeself Institute sent me the following quote from Krishnamurti... (couldn't y have said it better!!)

from "Commentaries on Living": "One of the things that most of us eagerly accept and take so totally for granted is the concept of "Belief". I am not attacking beliefs. What we are trying to do is to find out why we accept "belief" and if we can understand the motives, the cause of that acceptance, then perhaps we may be able to understand why we do it, but also be free of it. ...

One can see how political, national, cultural and religious beliefs do separate people, do create conflict, confusion and antagonism -- this is an obvious fact - yet we are unwilling to give them up.

There is the Hindu belief, the Christian belief, the Muslim belief -- innumerable sectarian and various political ideologies, all contending with each other, trying to convert each other. One can see, obviously, that "Belief" is separating people, creating intolerance. Is it possible to just live without belief? One can find that out only if one can study oneself in relation to a 'belief'. Is it possible to live in this world without a belief - not change belief, not substitute one belief for another, yet be entirely free from all belief? So that one meets life anew each minute?

This, after all, is the truth: to have the capacity of meeting everything anew, from moment to moment, without the conditioning-reaction of the past, so that there is not the accumulative effect which acts as a barrier between oneself and that which is. Can you do it?

Commentaries on Living ~ J. Krishnamurti

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8 Mar 2010 @ 18:14 by John Hartmann @ : The Weight of Belief
I believe nothing. I only know what I know and I do not know what I don't know. I seek the truth and serve the light.  

3 May 2010 @ 20:31 by Genny @ : Belief
The prerequisite to believing is not knowing, not being sure.
No one believes what they know. They know it.
I don't believe I ate breakfast, I did or did not.
Belief is like the magician's sliding panel to create illusion.  

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