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picture9 Apr 2004 @ 16:19, by Max Sandor

Today I joined Emperor Ming and his daugher Princess Maria-Theresa to the movies.

What is fitting for 'Good Friday' (as the Americans call the day before Eastern - hey, someone MUST have had a good time there after all!!! NOT!?)?

Well, you already guessed it: Mel Gibson's attempt of depicting 'The Passion of The Christ'.

One of the interesting parts (for me), was the way the movie starts with a zoom into the Garden of Gethsemane from outer space & above the clouds...

... needless to say that Gethesmane is a 'Nemus', a Sacred Grove.

Not that it would make everyone there to Nemurians, just interesting to observe...

Other than that, a sign of good cinematography that I sat through 2 hours without getting so bored to go out for a smoke or to abandon the theater altogether.

Since it's nearly a little review already, I might as well say the rest: the only cool dude was the Satan guy (who was really a woman in the movie, nobody complained yet??). The Emperor even tried to convince me for a while that it was God and not Satan. Hmmm...

All the rest of the people, includig the Jesus (as depicted, of course, not the original) would need some serious attitude adjustments, not far away from insanity...

The spirituality level of this movie equals ZERO.

No idea why so many people complain (except the ones cashing in a billion hehe)

Well, well, well...

coming back to Gethsemane, that turned out to be the (last) Sacred Grove of Jesus: it was definitely NOT OK that Jesus stepped on that snake and if it would have happened in one of my Sacred Groves, I would have made him pay in cash for replacement and penalties.

Did anyone ever check if that snake belonged to a near-extinct species?? Those guys are getting upset about every screwing/breeding frog around (like preventing the freeway from Kassel to Leipzig for 5 years now). BUT, where are they now???

Hmmm, life is not fair... but who said it would be??

PS: stay tuned for reports on more Sacred Groves around..

picture from: here

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