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 Hitlist of the major flaws in Human Thinking30 comments
picture16 Nov 2009 @ 00:24, by Max Sandor

Gotamo Siddharto,aka the 'Buddha', was said to have proclaimed 2500 yrs ago that at the root of the confusion of human Beings we would find the misunderstanding about the true relationship between 'cause and effect'.

This is an interesting statement, in especially considering that 'cause and effect' is a polarity, a pair of complementary opposites, two-sided, in Pali, literally 'dukkha' (commonly mistaken for 'suffering', cp my rantings in the Purple Notebook on that subject). That means it would have been included already in his "3 negative properties of Universe". Leaves the case that Gotamo perceived 'cause&effect' as a super-polarity on top of his 8-fold path of 'oba-odus' (see Polar Dynamics 1 on that).

In any case, true to his Vedic heritage of his times, he expressed these 3 negative properties as a triad of 'doshas', the negative qualities or imbalances of the 'positive' triad called 'Gunas:

1. Every manifestation is two-fold (sabbe dhammaa dukkhaa)
2. Every manifestation is unstable (sabbe dhammaa aniccaa)
3. Every manifestation is non-identity (sabbe dhammaa anattaa)

One could now contemplate that the 3 flaws ('doshas') could well be an 'axiomatic system' of the failure in human thinking, consideration, and ability to conclude and deduct.

Let's look at more 'modern' thinkers and tinkerers: flaw #3 was expressed in its own way by Count Alfred Korzybski, founder of 'General Semantics', famous for the sayings "the word is not the thing". "the map is not the territory", etc.

Flaw #2, the concept of "semper flux", "nothing is permanent" was reflected and solutioned by Korzybski very well in his 'time binding' concept.

Flaw #1 is not very broadly known or used, at least not explicitly. Besides some secret modern Gnosticists, it was only Hegel to consider the 'pairs of opposites' as a central problem in philosophy. His followers promptly 'sequentialized' it in to separate issues: thesis,antithesis, and synthesis by introducing a timeline. The 'dialectics' has been too much distorted to serve as a criterium for assessing the flaws in the thinking of modern man.

Hubbard had a clear view of this concept but only a limited handling. He expressed the concept of the Gunas triad as 'doingness, havingness, beingness' and saw the basic relationship to 'goals' of humans but his resulting 'GPM handling' (Clearing Course) was so flawed that it produced serious problems.

So, let's see a tentative hitlist of the 'Major Flaws in Human Thinking':

1. Misunderstanding of the Cause&Effect relationship (Gotamo)
2. Improper Identifications (Gotamo, Hubbard, Korzybski)
3. Distorted time (Korzybski)
4. Polarizations (Gotamo, Patanjali, Hegel, Nordenholz)
5. thinking in 'absolutes' rather than 'relatives' (Korzybski, Hubbard, NLP usage of absolutes like 'to be', 'always', never,' etc..)
6. Thinking in Singularity/Solipsism (aka the Yaltabaoth Syndrom)

did I forget something?
aah, nothing new from academix since Adorno.. (who was chewing upon Hegel)

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16 Nov 2009 @ 21:24 by vaxen : Zein und Zeit...
The Zeitun (Olive) is the thing...) Of course we have the Maha-Yana proposition that Cause and effect are one. The oneness of subject and object. Shiki Shin Funi and a whole host of other marvelous thought experiments. Ever read the 摩訶止觀/ Maka Shikan/ Mo-ho chih-kuan(Samatha-Vipassana)? Ichi Nen, San Zen... 3000 worlds in a momentary state of existence.

And the sound of one hand clapping is?  

16 Nov 2009 @ 21:38 by mx @ : polarity...
the Mahayana you're talking of didn't undertand a bit of what Gotamo reportedly said: cause and effect are dukkha, two-sidedness, like two sides of a coin.. neither the same nor different.

But I know I forgot an important point in the list.. just gotta remember what it was..  

16 Nov 2009 @ 21:44 by mx @ : the sixth point..
aahh.. I forgot to add:

6. Thinking in Singularity/Solipsism (aka the Yaltabaoth Syndrom)

but this is interesting: we got 2 triads of the same problem, going into opposite directions, for example 'Identifying with others, identifying everything else with oneself)... and so forth...  

16 Nov 2009 @ 22:10 by mortimer : why non-axiomatic
yes I now contemplate that the 3 flaws ('doshas') could well be an 'axiomatic system'.
Although declared axiom it would be polarization against flawed thinking? lol

Or is the hit-list separate, non-axiomatic? chewing Hegel?

I'm chewing BBQ chicken and mash potatoes.  

16 Nov 2009 @ 22:33 by mx @ : with the 6th element added, it became..
a double-axiomatic system, so to speak.. will change the text in the article. thanks for pointing it out..  

16 Nov 2009 @ 23:57 by mortimer : Yaltabaoth Syndrom :-))
So ideological truth would be number 2.6 - Solipsism  

16 Nov 2009 @ 23:58 by mortimer : sabbe dhammaa aniccaa
1.2 Every manifestation is unstable --- interesting, Ming covers the topic of 'self organized criticality' -  

17 Nov 2009 @ 00:45 by bushman : Hmm
I don't see cause & effect as a polarities, I see it more as a cascading branch , something like the effect becomes the cause of another effect, and I feel that it goes on forever in the same basic direction.  

17 Nov 2009 @ 07:47 by mortimer : now thats funny
I just realized there's an image of an armchair philosopher up there. lol sic  

30 Nov 2009 @ 13:32 by solomoreno : Hey hey
Bushman: the image you present, the "cascading branch" of cause and effect, may be beautiful but it's actually a perfect example of the problem with ASSIGNING cause and effect. That's the issue, to what and to whom does one properly assign cause and effect. Example: a son would be the effect of his mother, correct? She would be on the higher branch, in your image, having caused the existence of her son. But, her nature as a mother is dependent upon the existence of her son, so therefore the son is the cause and the mother is the effect. Or, is it the other way around? What may be...clouding your perception is your consideration for time. Pull time out of your "cascading branch" and then it will become much more clear to you that cause and effect are not so clear.

Max: you never mentioned what transcends cause and effect, according to Gotama. Dependent co-arising! Hell, I learned that from you, in the Little Purple Notebook. Speaking of which, besides PDII, when am I going to see another Notebook, the Little Yellow Notebook maybe?

Fantastic article!  

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