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 Confusing a model with its instantiation(s)2 comments
picture4 Feb 2012 @ 17:00, by Max Sandor

A common problem in understanding the functionality and universal practicality of Quantum Fá as an abstraction of 'classical/traditional' Ifá, is the tendency of the mind to confuse a 'model' with its 'incarnations' or its physical-universe manifestations (for the Platonic interpretation, see [link] ).

For example the observation within the Fá system of the existence of 600 archetypes in 3 levels of density, can easily be confused with the correspondence of the 'anunnaki' and interpreted as yet another 'cargo-cult', similar to the abrahamic religions of today.

To make the difference clear: the archetypes recognized in traditional Ifá and in Quantum Fá alike, are UNIVERSAL patterns, they are abstract models, which may or may not be 'filled with physical substance', or 'materialize' if you will. But as such, they are IDENTICAL to any 'filled form' in the Universe. As a consequence, the Anunnaki FOLLOW the archetypal patterns of the Universe just like humans, animals, or any other life form.

In practical terms, the Anunnaki are under the spell of universal models and, looking at the Sumerian stories, HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE to overcome its limitations, on neither side of the two major life streams (ajé & orishá).

For hybrid lifeforms which want to overcome these gross limitations, this poses a double challenge: they must neutralize not only the epigenetic influence of their human ancestors but also those of their alien ancestors up to the moments of the merging of DNAs (there can be several such points on the ancestor line).

To summarize once again, the 600 known archetypes in Quantum Fá are distinctly DIFFERENT prototypes, each with its specific attitudes, behavioral patterns (SCRIPTS), etc, which can be INVOKED to manifest under certain conditions by the 600 'toques', 3-fold asynchronous rhythms, of Ifá, and should not be confused with 'angels', 'jinns', or the like (which WILL FOLLOW one of the 600 patterns!). In especially, all of the latter are POLARIZED and execute the ageless 'War of the 2 Principles', either unknowingly or unable to cease their (own inner) conflict in respects to this 'war'.

Some words in regards to the oral traditions of the Yoruba. Wikipedia recently added the speculation that 'yoruba' would denote "arabic" but is still ignoring the circumstance that spoken Yoruba of today is still 28% ARAMAIC, according to a French linguist, and the oral tradition may be as much as 80%, and consequently discrediting (tongue-in-cheek) the Muslim/Yoruba account of Queen Sheba (Sungbo) as a ruler of theirs, and is treating the oral tradition of Oduduwa leading the early Yoruba from Mecca to West-Africa (in the Yoruba's First Exodus) as an unsubstantiated legend.

In any case, the oral tradition has TWO DIFFERENT SETS of creation stories: one that is mirroring the Sumerian version and one that is a more abstract version, a bit like the japanese Shinto version, with the latter explaining the two main streams of life, those of the Ajé (Jinn, reptilians, electronic), and one of the Orisha forces.

The oral tradition is multi-layered in their meaning, according to the degree of initiation&understanding of the listener, translation based on today's usage of the Yoruba language is impossible, yielding literal translations like those from Hungarian to English, in other words, senseless babbling. Adding to this the requirement for syncretism in order to survive the missionaries, the meanings of Yoruba sayings are further muddied.

In a nutshell, the differentiation between MODEL and INSTANTIATION is very subtle and hidden in the oral tradition of Ifa but clearly recognizable.

(note: picture taken from the Quantum Fá Online Experience: the first wheel of Fá)

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20 Mar 2012 @ 15:42 by stimoceiver @ : cargo cults versus real traditions
I get that the confusion between MODEL and INSTANTIATION is probably reflexive with the cargo cult manifestations purporting to be of the Ifa tradition such as inaccurate translations and the hollow, pantomimed copies of rituals that result. But where does a thetan have to go to get the straight dope, the real deal, the raw story, the whole truth and nothing but?  

13 Feb 2015 @ 07:04 by rftgbh @ : rfevgtb

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