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 The Lifecycle of Societies Vs Conspiracy Theories2 comments
picture23 Jun 2013 @ 14:52, by Max Sandor

"The principle root of human insanity is the belief in a single cause." (Gotamo Siddharto, aka the 'Buddha', 2500+ years ago)

Perhaps the first 'systemic' thinker known by his name in the history of mankind, Gotamo, is said to have made this little known statement in one of his discourse on the 'chain of dependent co-arising of manifestations' in which he also points out the observation that every manifestation has a LIFECYCLE: being caused, born, growing up, peaking, decaying, and finally dying.

History in the Western world largely ignores this and attributes events exclusively to its heroes or devilish foes, inevitably polarizing into 'good' and 'bad'. The only major attempt to correct this view was down by Karl Marx who, based on Hegel's dialectics, tried to portray history as a process but largely ignoring its cyclical character and therefore coming to Utopian, read impossible, conclusions.

From a systemic view, the process of history provides 'variables' in its dynamic formula in which 'real' persons enter to fulfill a destined function. In other words, history is NOT made by Obamas, Merkels, and Dilmas, but those latter merely fill vacant positions to be assumed by whoever is striving hard enough to step into these roles.

Such an approach changes our view of today's society profoundly. In the search of who is to blame for the wars and economic imbalances that plague our human world, it doesn't suffice to point to the figures in the limelight. In the absence of a George W. Bush, another person with another name would have taken up his role in the process of the lifecycle of the current society. Or, as Joseph de Maistre wrote, "Every country has the government it deserves".

As a consequence, a 'revolution' does NOT change the course of history at all, as Karl Marx was speculating, but it ACCELERATES the same on its already taken path.

What could be done to change the course REALLY, one may ask. Is it possible at all? Or is anything what we're doing only speeding up or prolonging the agony of a civilization doomed to death? And, what is this path? In the paradigm of Quantum Fá we see all cycles based on a path of polarizations between male and female principles, aka Yin and Yang, eternally dancing (or fighting!) the dance of Shiva and Shakti, Will versus Consciousness, Spirit for or against Soul, Egos versus the 'We are all One'-dream, individual freedom within a collective welfare. Groups of humans band together to form larger societies on a path from what appears chaos to what appears order. What happens that inertia takes control of this process and order turns suppression, cooperation turns into coercion, until the system self-destructs. This is the 'natural' process in which our society of today is embedded.

If this is a 'natural' path, is its course inevitable or can we supersede it with a new cycle of social development? What we certainly can strive for is to FILL the spectrum of human experience with more insight, enthusiasm and beauty. We should not forget that amid the negatives that we look at, for many of us life has never been as good, secure, peaceful and full of possibilities as in the past 60 years. The opportunities to improve our condition as human beings as such, have never been so ample and accessible for that many people. By doing that, we can UPGRADE the consciousness of the human collective mind. Which, after all, determines what type of government is arising to try to control it. We can buy time and space for the quality of our human experience.

Which is one more reason to shift from a strategy of Duragraha, confrontation, to a strategy of Satyagraha, molding our environment by changing it through changing ourselves. Or, as Gandhi put it: "we need to convert our enemies instead of fighting them!" It appears to me that only in this way, we can put the seeds into the human consciousness which could spawn a new cycle of civilization, a cycle that maintains a practical balance between the individual quest for freedom and fulfillment and the needs of ALL humans as part of a collective super-Being.

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1 Jul 2013 @ 20:31 by Ruedi Maurhofer @ : Applause
Standing in front of the screen for the ovations for this. :-)  

18 Sep 2013 @ 16:00 by Lucia Ehlers @ : Lifecycle of societies
YES!It is a one on one process, for it must come from deep understanding that all humans operate by trial and error. Thus: no judging > forgiveness > LOVE. Via mindfulness. Thank you for this beautiful article.  

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