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 'The Flinch' in Epigenetic Tuning1 comment
picture19 Sep 2013 @ 03:43, by Max Sandor

The phenomenon of the 'flinch' has not found much attention until recently. There is an easy to read introduction by Julien Smith available as a free Kindle e-book here: [link] . This is ironic but understandable: during a 'flinch' perception is being shut down and one therefore doesn't 'remember' it.

In the aforementioned book it is emphasized how the 'flinch' is not just affecting a martial arts fighter but that the 'flinch' is part of our entire life as it was already part of the lives of our forefathers. And it is here where we have to bridge over to Epigenetic Tuning (Sandor, 2013) which consists of a series of actions (called 'processes') that work on one's attitudes which were inherited 'epigenetically' from the experiences of our ancestors.

The 'flinch' is so much part of our lives that we are not noticing anymore. It appears 'normal' to us and it seemingly doesn't affect us much because we don't feel any emotional 'charge' about it (for obvious reasons, see above). This may the reason why it has been largely ignored by mainstream psychology and 'new age'-self-help paradigms alike. Another reason may have been that until now there have been no resources available to cope with this phenomenon.

The first time I came across the 'flinch' phenomenon was in the early '90s when I took private classes from one of the most amazing healers and martial arts 'experts' that I met in my life, Sy Guttentag, who unfortunately passed away before having compiled his innumerous notes on the nature of body-system. With him, a new philosophy of healing based exclusively on the Yin/Yang principles as cause/effect conflicts of opposing flows has been lost too.

Sy's healing philosophy was based on his observation that a 'symptom' appears invariably at the OPPOSITE side of a polarity on the body. Therefore, treating a symptom as the cause, has no effect on the actual basis for an illness, in the extreme, it can do more harm than good. He developed a system in 'chasing down' the actual cause, often enough 'cellular memories' during the developmental stages of life.

This is an area which can be accessed by 'Root Healing', see [link] with the already mentioned problem of FINDING the flinch in the first place.

In Epigenetic Tuning we have tools to both locate and eliminate 'flinches', however, the processes available in the moment are very advanced and really quite tough. Research on the subject of how to eliminate the 'flinching' is currently done only be few 'bold guys', for said reasons.

In closing, it should be mentioned that Gurdjieff approach, favoured by martial arts people, of 'just being tougher' is of limited value from a perspective of holisting healing as it tends to put a new layer of 'case on top of case' instead of freeing one's attention.

Current research indicates that the 'flinch' phenomenon is directly involved with the -Cosmic Glue- effect, the sticking of the Being to the hologram, a problem that Gotamo Siddharto (the 'Buddha') declared non-solvable for any Being, human or beyond.

We can see now clearly that 'flinches', meaning 'blackouts' of perception, exist for ALL modalities, kinesthetic to auditory, and not just for 'visual' events, such as a fist moving towards our face. They are limiting EVERYBODY in doing whatever they're doing: musicians playing music, executives making decisions, finding your true love in life... the list is endless...

Eliminating the 'flinch', is an UPGRADE to human existence, HOMO SAPIENS 2.O!


For more background data on body systems in general, see Chris' [link] , "The definitive guide to energy-bodies". About polarities in particular, the Quantum Fá project is here [link] (under development).

Max Sandor is on Facebook
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