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picture4 Oct 2013 @ 16:57, by Max Sandor

As pointed to in 'Letters from Rome' [link] , there are two main indicators of the health (or the insanity) of a culture civilization: how their members are born and how they die.

I was painfully remembered of one side of this verity when I watched the documentary 'Birth Reborn' (O Renascimento do Parto) [link] yesterday night. In a stunning potpourri of beautiful people & nature, actors and Rio, Rio, and more Rio, mixed with cruel scenes from inside the worst kind of place to be: our hospitals.

The film is promoting natural birth, especially birth at home. Courageously, it exposes some of the false myths and outright lies spread by the medical business. Not all of them, mind you, and probably that's a way to ensure some success in delivering its message. Just a bit more truth may already be unbearable for most viewers, from whatever camp they may come.

To fill the gap, here are some additional notes, most of them already covered on this Blog more than 6 years ago, at the time the son of my stepdaughter was born at the Sandorian Grove, still within the 'bag', a double-twist of umbilical cord around his neck, a tooth in his mouth already, and with a BIG SMILE. No wonder, his birth happened under OPPOSITE conditions as we would find in a hospital today - NO strong lights, noises, coldness, people chattering idle words void of love.

The film mentions briefly the unholy custom of cutting the umbilical cord early. It doesn't advert the viewer that the cutting itself is completely unnecessary and steeped in superstition and the placenta BUSINESS. It scales preferable birth from Cesarean to natural, and from hospitals to maternities and home birth BUT completely omits the option of the Lotus Birth [link] . It beautiful (and repeatedly) points to the fact that Cesarean birth in nature causes the mother to reject their newborn but fails to link it to the growing violence and illness in our society in general.

Again, the film required a lot of courage and positive power to do at all. It is a MUST SEE for everyone, whatever gender or age. It celebrates the TRUE LOVE of a mother for her child and it shows IT CAN BE DIFFERENT in today's society!

Still, one must say, as the insane efforts to rob women their innate power of childbirth and delegate it to robotic humans and machinery are gaining more foothold every day. Rio, let us be reminded, was the city that wanted to OUTLAW home-birth last year, and the stupidity of bureaucrats combined with their tenacity can never be underestimated.


Coming to a theater near you (as long as the medical 'doctors' can't prevent it).

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