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picture24 Dec 2013 @ 23:39, by Max Sandor

May the year 2014:

- bring more freedom despite the rising suppression of local and global 'governments'!

- bring more health despite vaccines, fluorides in the water, and pesticides in the foods!

- bring more wisdom despite all efforts of schools, TV and newspapers to the contrary!

- bring more wealth despite the global banks sucking out the last pennies from its 'customers'!

- bring you more happiness despite the constant shower of horror stories by the news stations!

- make the Anunnaki drop their hatred for mankind!

- and make the global&local politicians be ashamed and stop helping the decimation of mankind by 95%! May the 'powers that be' realize that by cutting the base of the bell curve will crash the TOP TOO!

May all of us play until the end just like the musicians on the Titanic!

Have a great year everybody! And enjoy the show while it lasts :)

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21 Apr 2014 @ 08:13 by Voyance par mail @ : Hello
I really like this blog is a great pleasure to read something new and interesting .  

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