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 Review of Game #617 and... let's up the gaming level!7 comments
picture16 Mar 2014 @ 00:33, by Max Sandor

As quite a few of you already know, this game was called off on 2/14/2014 - winner: NONE. If we'll see yet another repitition, we'll see. Or not, that's the paradox of the RESET. The regular memory banks (dubbed Akashic Records) are RESET at the same time. Who then will be able to tell we had a RESET?

There are some good news:
- with the first players leaving, the most suppressive player left the game too. Who knows the story, knows his name. His remaining clones will not last for very long.
- The Interim-Boss of the Game is Oshumaré who, in secret traditions, is reportedly also the one throwing the switch of the hologram generator.
- in the meantime, rules are 'loose', which means we can play for a while a bit more relaxed and we may even get to enjoy some features of this Universe which have been forgotten a long time: multi-track (***) and multi-body, an extra set of fascinating colors, some new sound effects, better 3D perceptions, and so forth.
- as a sidenote, the trailer used to sell entrance to this show is still being shown. Check it out to get some nice ideas even if you may not understand all of it as our preceptions got pretty limited in this game!
- if that's too complicated, or better: in any case, zoom into the time span at the beginning of this Universe/Game before the Obatala-challenge!

Getting back to use the pre-challenge game features, could rightfully be called a 'higher gaming level'.

Happy gaming, everyone!

PS: check out [link] as a reference.

*** 'multi-track': experience multiple event tracks based on different choices at a decision-point until the next decision-point (node) in the hologram event scripting.

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16 Mar 2014 @ 02:12 by Alkaro @ : ??
Until now I thought I know only one person from a parallel universe. Now I am not so sure anymore. Might be two. :-)  

16 Mar 2014 @ 06:32 by A Mo @ : ...---...
My friend and I have noticed a few reality skips of late...
Restaurant signs spelled differently, celebrities we remember dying a decade ago still alive and kicking, missing objects being found in locations previously searched, fluctuations of the perceived speed of time, and almost accidentally purchasing a historic landmark (still might, can't tell really).

I have nothing useful to say about any of this, but I find it helps to vent.  

16 Mar 2014 @ 06:37 by A Mo @ : Oh, eh, just one more thing if you don't
Would you please explain why #617? It hits a sore spot and worries me, please humor me with an answer. I would appreciate the kindness.  

14 Dec 2014 @ 19:44 by Audel @ : qsPMyDMbvXHIMt
Ah yes, nicely put, evroneye.  

16 Dec 2014 @ 13:18 by Victoria @ : gYRDEVallPUT
Dear Susan,I have been considering doing the Daniel fast and found your wtbeise concerning it. Several years ago the Lord led me to do a similar eating plan. I felt the Lord say that I did not have a golden calf in my life, I had a chocolate-sugar coated calf that consumed by thinking as I bowed down to it on a very regular basis. I called this way of eating my no sweets, no meats diet. I did it for about 1 1/2 years. I was amazed at how good I felt. NOTHING could have ever convinced me that sugar made me tired until I stopped eating it and found out how much more energy I had. I also noticed how much more clearly I heard the voice of God and equated at least some of it with the fact that I felt so much better physically. I recently went to full time work when my husband became disabled. This change has left me grasping for convience and our eating habits are nothing like they used to be. I long to eat better but do not know where to begin. Just last year my husband was diagnosed with Crohn's disease which has made eating even more of a challenge. I am interested in learning about the Daniel fast for my own life but was wondering if you knew how, or if, to approach such change when a person has Crohn's disease. Can you give me any information about this subject? The medical doctors and community have been no help. Often they suggest that he eat pudding, jello and mashed potatoes. I am very concerned about the lack of nutrition he receives on a daily basis. I don't know where to turn.Blessings!Dee  

29 Dec 2014 @ 09:51 by Mario @ : NrjmwrzFLtYREPa
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4 Jan 2015 @ 17:24 by Beatrice @ : DPdStLhdBr

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