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 Modeling a number: the beauty, power, and danger of 903 comments
picture5 Apr 2014 @ 20:55, by Max Sandor

Today in the Grove we modeled a rather innocent looking number: 90 (ninety).

Lo and behold, a factor analysis reveals a planetarium containing no less than 7 of the 16 Olodus of Quantum Fá plus some of the hottest Odu of Ifá in general.

As we all remember from school, haha, 90 is a unitary perfect number as well as a semiperfect and a pronic number. Alas, it is also a nontotient and the atomic number of thorium.

As an atomic weight it identifies an isotope of strontium. However, I would really advise to NOT call a Stronzo number, you could get yourself into deep trouble. In any case, it commences one of the largest known non-primes intervals (8, from 89 to 97) and is the countdown to either CHAOS or a new CAUSE.

Over the next days we will study the progression of the planetariums of non-prime numbers. Don't worry, I won't bother you with details until we discover its circularity and why the total sum of ALL numbers is -1/12, yes MINUS one-twelfth.

Have a nice weekend :)

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