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 Victory, submission or what else? Sign and symbol of the Rio 2016 Kickoff22 comments
picture1 Aug 2016 @ 00:40, by Max Sandor

4 days and 22 hours to go: Rio 2016. Olympic Games. Playful competition, celebration of the fittest, panem et circensis, or just plain business?

Besides personal and national honors, a lot of dollars are at stake. An excellent time to stir fear and anxiety in the hearts of the people. Prime time for mass manipulation. Who will win the meta-game?

Not leaving out such a good opportunity, the creators of the opening show will dump an ancient rune into the mind of the masses, not just in the Maracanã arena, but also worldwide for a LOT of spectators, perhaps topping three billions. The rehearsals for the opening show, in the works since 5 years, are still going on and the first inquiries are already pouring into my mailbox - about a symbol that will in just a few days massively float into collective consciousness.

If you want the good News only, skip this stuff and scroll down to Good News.

Within the pantheon of today's symbolism, this symbol is clearly the inversion of the Peace symbol. The question is: does it mean that war is about to begin? Or does it mean that it is time to 'surrender'? Or victory? For whom?

The Nazis thought of it as the the rune of life. For those who disagreed with them it became the rune of death. This symbol was the sign of the Nazi's Lebensborn movement, their Eugenics program of creating a master race by weeding out 'unworthy' life, a program that some say never stopped. To bring this Meme down on one of the world's most diverse population seems either uneducated, strange or distasteful. You decide.

In the end, what the rune really meant, nobody seems to know for sure. Wikipedia's entry demonstrates how 'anything goes' in these kinds of interpretations: the Algiz rune There it can basically have any of about 10 different pronounciations and meanings.

On top of that, the rune itself has been equated in ancient times with its opposite; a sure way to confuse everything. Maybe Wilhelm Grimm had it right, it just means 'elk'. In which case, the hidden message is quite clear of course: "Never mind the Kangoroo - here comes the Elk!"

One thing is sure, as I said above, in our times, today that is, if one means something, the other means the opposite. You can't have it both ways. Or can you?

Let's keep always in mind:

"War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

― George Orwell, "1984"

The psychology of this rune as a stance is interesting, to say the least. In Masonry, it is the "GRAND HAILING SIGN OF DISTRESS", according to this secret symbol spoiler site made by their renegades. Soldiers and thugs alike raise their hands in surrender.

Why would a winner raise his hands to this stance? Is it to indicate that the fight is over and that there is a winner? Is it to end further violence? Or is it demonstrate superiority? To intimidate the beaten opponents into complete submission?

Personally, I hope that these Games will come to a peaceful conclusion. There is so much unnecessary violence, fraud, and incompetence around, it would be good to see some honest competition even if the results mean absolutely nothing. Who cares if a two-legged creature runs one hundred meters in less than nine seconds? Whom is served? Who is saved? Where's the beef? It is its uselessness that makes these kind of games innocent. Enjoyable for whoever wants to enjoy it. Meaningless for everyone else. Yes, it certainly is just 'panem et circensis', an exciting tranquilizer for the masses, and a nice profit for a few. A time to forget what is really going on in the world.

Let's call out the quote for this month of August 2016:

“Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, "Time Enough for Love"

And, as far as the rune descending on Maracanâ, whether it means life or death: perhaps Wilhelm Grimm was right and it is an elk? In which case Sigmund may have added "Sometimes an elk is simply an elk!"

Ooops.. with all of this jazz, I never answered the actual question I had been asked: what do you, Max, think that the rune is meaning?
If you did the Quantum-Fá Online Course, the answer is easy: this rune is the equivalent to Odi (in Yoruba), simplified: the element Earth, contraction, defense. The nordic equivalent, you guessed it, is Odin, the template for the names of God in various modern forms: Theos, Zeus, Deus, Dio, (Shang-)Di etc. In applied Ifá is the symbol of Olokun, Poseidon/Neptune, and his trident spear, the powers from below rising. In short, for some perhaps it is the mark of the Beast, for others just plain, good old Paganism.

Good News:
Yes, symbols wield a tremendous power over both the subconscious and the superconscious minds. But if we access the powers they point to, we can rise above them!

As for its symbolism in the Olympics and in general: its meaning is in the eye of the beholder. There is no victory without defeat.

Any true progress is marked by the transcendance of dichotomies. And so we can tranceform this symbol for us, no matter what the original intention has been, to a powerful reminder that THERE IS A THIRD ELEMENT in the human equation.

Whether you call it Tao, aesthetics (Melchior), imagination (Rappoport), transcendence, sattva (Gunas), the Axiom of Mediation (Nordenholz), sukkha (Gotamo Siddharto), the Girapoli Effect (Sandor), Pleroma (Gnostics), or Aufhebung (Hegel):

We as Beings can rise above the polarities and escape the binary prison, if we simply permit ourselves to accept and empower the opposites as what they are instead of ignoring or, worse, fighting them - what once was a limitation now will become a source of raw and pure POWER.

Note: In this particular case, add to Poseidon's trident its inverse and you'll have Earth and Heavens, Odiwori (1001-0110), di tian - the polarity of Ascension!

Visit my new, refurbished website at !

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