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 Robot Psychologist (by Awaz)4 comments
picture9 Aug 2016 @ 14:35
Robot Psychologist
by Awaz

As a robotics programmer I’m frequently asked; just what does psychology have to do with your line of work? I mean, why take a bachelors degree in something so unrelated to your profession.
The question is not a straightforward one to answer. My position is that an inquiry for knowledge comes from within. The observation of one’s immediate environment the ideal place to start. This year my most present being was Robert, a large white painted industrial robot.
Once coded the destiny of this trained monkey will be to toil endlessly in a factory. The program consist of lifting rock and mineral laden buckets; from a feeder conveyor, weighing them, and emphatically tossing the contents into one of several nearby crushing machines.
Destined to be a blue collar member of society, I began to teach him the necessary commands. Machine Code Commence: Pick bucket stop, If BucketWeight equals X then do Y stop. Else if … and ad nauseam stop.
Long days and late night coffees inherently led to errors in machine coding. Erroneous commands would bring the program screeching to a halt. Debugging the code frequently revealed a contradictory command. A move instruction comparable to the following; Go RightLeft. An obvious impossibility.
I was elated and far from frustrated. I’ve got it! This is similar to when confused people appear rooted to the spot. Seemingly incapable of moving from their position. Go left. Go right. The program that circles in one’s head has stumbled across an un-executable command.
Through an examining of human behaviour I began to see a resemblance with robots. Like machines, humans also appear to follow a pre-programmed script; Human code commence: If 7am wake up stop, if day equals WorkDay then go to place of employment stop… The idea captivated me. Psychologist hypothesize that we are beings of habit, but is this really just another way of saying we follow a structured program? One that we participated in creating and actively go about modifying with each new experience?
Human beings are obviously a lot more complicated than simple factory robots and the idea that we are unconscious beings blindly actioning a coded script is difficult to process at first. However, as I entertain this idea my mind flies along tangents of endless possibilities. And still the question remains; are humans just more complexly programmed machines?  More >

 Victory, submission or what else? Sign and symbol of the Rio 2016 Kickoff3 comments
picture1 Aug 2016 @ 00:40
4 days and 22 hours to go: Rio 2016. Olympic Games. Playful competition, celebration of the fittest, panem et circensis, or just plain business?

Besides personal and national honors, a lot of dollars are at stake. An excellent time to stir fear and anxiety in the hearts of the people. Prime time for mass manipulation. Who will win the meta-game?

Not leaving out such a good opportunity, the creators of the opening show will dump an ancient rune into the mind of the masses, not just in the Maracanã arena, but also worldwide for a LOT of spectators, perhaps topping three billions. The rehearsals for the opening show, in the works since 5 years, are still going on and the first inquiries are already pouring into my mailbox - about a symbol that will in just a few days massively float into collective consciousness.

If you want the good News only, skip this stuff and scroll down to Good News.

Within the pantheon of today's symbolism, this symbol is clearly the inversion of the Peace symbol. The question is: does it mean that war is about to begin? Or does it mean that it is time to 'surrender'? Or victory? For whom?

The Nazis thought of it as the the rune of life. For those who disagreed with them it became the rune of death. This symbol was the sign of the Nazi's Lebensborn movement, their Eugenics program of creating a master race by weeding out 'unworthy' life, a program that some say never stopped. To bring this Meme down on one of the world's most diverse population seems either uneducated, strange or distasteful. You decide.

In the end, what the rune really meant, nobody seems to know for sure. Wikipedia's entry demonstrates how 'anything goes' in these kinds of interpretations: the Algiz rune There it can basically have any of about 10 different pronounciations and meanings.

On top of that, the rune itself has been equated in ancient times with its opposite; a sure way to confuse everything. Maybe Wilhelm Grimm had it right, it just means 'elk'. In which case, the hidden message is quite clear of course: "Never mind the Kangoroo - here comes the Elk!"

One thing is sure, as I said above, in our times, today that is, if one means something, the other means the opposite. You can't have it both ways. Or can you?

Let's keep always in mind:

"War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

― George Orwell, "1984"

The psychology of this rune as a stance is interesting, to say the least. In Masonry, it is the "GRAND HAILING SIGN OF DISTRESS", according to this secret symbol spoiler site made by their renegades. Soldiers and thugs alike raise their hands in surrender.

Why would a winner raise his hands to this stance? Is it to indicate that the fight is over and that there is a winner? Is it to end further violence? Or is it demonstrate superiority? To intimidate the beaten opponents into complete submission?

Personally, I hope that these Games will come to a peaceful conclusion. There is so much unnecessary violence, fraud, and incompetence around, it would be good to see some honest competition even if the results mean absolutely nothing. Who cares if a two-legged creature runs one hundred meters in less than nine seconds? Whom is served? Who is saved? Where's the beef? It is its uselessness that makes these kind of games innocent. Enjoyable for whoever wants to enjoy it. Meaningless for everyone else. Yes, it certainly is just 'panem et circensis', an exciting tranquilizer for the masses, and a nice profit for a few. A time to forget what is really going on in the world.

Let's call out the quote for this month of August 2016:

“Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win.”

― Robert A. Heinlein, "Time Enough for Love"

And, as far as the rune descending on Maracanâ, whether it means life or death: perhaps Wilhelm Grimm was right and it is an elk? In which case Sigmund may have added "Sometimes an elk is simply an elk!"

Ooops.. with all of this jazz, I never answered the actual question I had been asked: what do you, Max, think that the rune is meaning?
If you did the Quantum-Fá Online Course, the answer is easy: this rune is the equivalent to Odi (in Yoruba), simplified: the element Earth, contraction, defense. The nordic equivalent, you guessed it, is Odin, the template for the names of God in various modern forms: Theos, Zeus, Deus, Dio, (Shang-)Di etc. In applied Ifá is the symbol of Olokun, Poseidon/Neptune, and his trident spear, the powers from below rising. In short, for some perhaps it is the mark of the Beast, for others just plain, good old Paganism.

Good News:
Yes, symbols wield a tremendous power over both the subconscious and the superconscious minds. But if we access the powers they point to, we can rise above them!

As for its symbolism in the Olympics and in general: its meaning is in the eye of the beholder. There is no victory without defeat.

Any true progress is marked by the transcendance of dichotomies. And so we can tranceform this symbol for us, no matter what the original intention has been, to a powerful reminder that THERE IS A THIRD ELEMENT in the human equation.

Whether you call it Tao, aesthetics (Melchior), imagination (Rappoport), transcendence, sattva (Gunas), the Axiom of Mediation (Nordenholz), sukkha (Gotamo Siddharto), the Girapoli Effect (Sandor), Pleroma (Gnostics), or Aufhebung (Hegel):

We as Beings can rise above the polarities and escape the binary prison, if we simply permit ourselves to accept and empower the opposites as what they are instead of ignoring or, worse, fighting them - what once was a limitation now will become a source of raw and pure POWER.

Note: In this particular case, add to Poseidon's trident its inverse and you'll have Earth and Heavens, Odiwori (1001-0110), di tian - the polarity of Ascension!

Visit my new, refurbished website at !  More >

 The Return of the Walan4 comments
picture30 Jul 2016 @ 03:46
The Return
(by Max Sandor)

There are strange people living down in the hills of Rangaconia. Last year I passed by there on my way up to the valley of Suppano, there where the moon is always shining. They said that a Walan would return from the Great Voyage. I didn't believe them but I wanted to know for myself. Nobody from our generation ever saw this mythical creature, the Walan. He, or is it a she?, is said to migrate every two thousand and five hundred years or so, since time immemorial, nobody knows why, from one corner of the Great Space to the other, from the inside of the inside to the outside of the outside. The sheer sight of him, or her?, was promised to make you find what you are looking for.

This ancient knowledge I shared wherever my feet touched the Land of other folks and always have I been greeted with great respect, and always have I been thanked for not keeping this sacred wisdom just for myself. Except in Rangaconia, last year.

"Mind your own business!" I was told there by the first person I encountered, "I got better work to do."

"What are you doing then, that is so important?" I inquired curiously.

"I'm digging here, can't you see, stranger?"

"Yes, I certainly do. But what for, my friend?"

"Deep down there is what I'm looking for. It's inside the inside of the Land."  More >

 ‘Logs of JD Flora Volume 2’ - Log #60 – The Regression Thingie5 comments
picture28 Jul 2016 @ 10:41
‘Logs of JD Flora Volume 2’ - Within the Sphinx

- Log #60 – The Regression Thingie
UCLA / West Los Angeles, Friday June 9th, 1995

"Now. Is that clear?” Dr. Bollenberg asked, more like a command than a question.
"No.” I replied firmly.
"Idiot!” she said with a German pronunciation.

After half an hour of instructions in all the things that I should not ever do in the
future, I was thoroughly fed up with her and the organization she was working for.
"Listen, JD! I can have you transported straight into jail, right from this place with
a single, simple phone call.” she threatened.

"On what grounds?” I asked cocky.
"We can always make up a reason for that. No problem whatsoever. You would
wait for a trial for a year or two. Even if a judge would dismiss the case, you would
still be incarcerated for all that time. Now, how's that for an extended vacation,
heh?” she said aggressively. I raised my hand, the middle finger pointing upwards.

"Arschloch.” she said, now in plain German, slamming a folder onto the office
desk. "We don't need your f**king signature!” she yelled.
"If you should dare to do anything of what I told you to stay away from, you are in
deep sh*t! Klar?” she continued her threats, lowering her voice.

"I hear you.” I said calmly, hoping to get this over as soon as possible.
"Goot! The last thing will be, eh, you know this is the Institute for Advanced
Procedures in Clinical Psychiatry."

Now she tried to be friendly and professional. It nearly made me laugh.
"Never heard of it.” I remarked.
"Of course not. Now, for various reasons, we want to have two, three people
trained in this so-called 'time-breaking' mumbo-jumbo." she continued.
"Hah!” I couldn't hold back and started laughing.
"What is so funny about that?” she asked, and the way she said it made me laugh
even harder.
"Let's say, your people learn how to time-break. What do you think is the first
thing they'll do?” I asked her cynically.
"I do not know. I do not care! So what?” She was irritated.
"They will defect from the agency, of course! Haha!” I was still laughing, although,
all things considered, it didn't look too good for me at all.  More >

 Pictionary - Purple Sheet #13 comments
picture28 Jul 2016 @ 02:35
I am reorganizing the drawings for various programmes. These drawings are for defining expressions with the help of pictures rather than with words.

The obvious word for that would be a 'pictionary' from 'PICTure' and 'dictIONARY'. Someone created a letter game using that word (not even with pictures, go figure).
I hope I am not infringing on anyone's copyright.

Anyway, one could also call them Purple Sheets. There are about 30 of those pages, mostly from the Quantum Fá Workbook. Will take some time to bundle them newly within the new format.

Here is the first one, mainly for MicroMotion. These little pictures are helpful not only for non-native English speakers. Each of these movements must be mastered, ultimately and it is useful to apply one single nomenclature only sine there are various modes to describe such basic movements which could come into conflict with each other rapidly. Just one example, pulling out a blob will expand it, of course. But watch the vectors (arrows)! In expanding, the cell walls themselves have outbound vectors - there is not an outside force pulling them out. Which is a major point in many MicroMotion 'acts'.

Here is Purple Sheet 1!  More >

 Logs of JD Flora #3043: Can a TransRealist really reflect upon himself?3 comments
picture27 Jul 2016 @ 16:06
JD Flora Log #3043: Can a TransRealist really reflect upon himself?
July 27th, 2016, in a jungle hut somewhere in Brazil

No, really, it's not in a hut in the jungle, it's in Facebook. But where is Facebook located?? In a transrealist TranceReality, in the jungle of collective minds in the year of the Lords 2016?

There, lo and behold, after more than two decades of sheer ignorance, I found a link to a Guardian article posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Jon Rappoport's Facebook page, describing what 'The Logs of JD Flora' are all about: Transrealism.

Of course, 'The Logs' are also PhiloFi, PHILOsophical FIction, alright. But maybe it really is Transrealism. Or both..

Quoting from the link above: "Transrealism has 30 years of history behind it, but it’s in the next 30 years that it may well define literature as we come to know it."

Which means, that, in the beginning, JD Flora was some 30-50 years ahead of its time but also 9 years late. Oh well. It asserted itself well enough. Being published as an e-zine from April 1995 onward, it also appeared in one of the precursors of today's BLOGs, the Daily Logs of yours truely at the New Civilization Network around the same time, alongside recipes for Aloe Vera, instructions on how to make Colloidal Silver for yourself, and excerpts of seminars of mine at Ojai, California, for the Krishnamurti crowd, all along with soundbites of my latest didgeridoo creation, and the like, not that much different from today's BLOGs.

What I asked in Ojai in June 1995 was "Being part of a reality, can one really say what is reality and what is beyond? For a boat, immersed in a stream, touching the river banks is a fatal danger. You can dream within a dream, alright, but can you be so awake as to be absolutely positive that you are not dreaming being awake?"

Let that sink in at full volume: Reality is what you see, it's reality! Is what you see it's reality?, cruelly excerpted from Shango Overdrive by Maximilian Sandor.

In the end, the answer to my own question is still the same: one needs to look from the OUTSIDE in, to answer it. Once INSIDE, you're toast.

At least, today, I could put my new-found knowledge about the word and concept of transrealism to the test. In the very the moment I received this strange message in Facebook's chat from someone hiding under a funny pseudonym:

Dr.Wxxxxg:I got this weird thing there on my table today, Log 60 or something...

me:I don't know you, Dr. Wxxxxg, do you happen to be Dr.Bollenberg?
me: aah, you mean this. Log #60? (link)

Dr.Wxxxxg: First, my name is Wollenberg, you asshole, not Bollenberg
And then that's all nonsense what you wrote
all silly fiction, it never happened

me: Oh well, then it's all OK, it never happened

Dr.Wxxxxg: Yes. Now erase that shit..

me: what are talking about?

Dr.Wxxxxg: That stupid Log sixty or something of JD Flora. I read that bull just now..

me: How? This stuff was published more than 21 years ago..

Dr.Wxxxxg:Revoke it! Immediately, or else..

me: No need to, JD Flora is an example for TransRealism.
In there, you are the Trans, the rest is Realism

Dr.Wxxxxg:you nitwit mo**erfu**er, son of a bitch

me:all is well, Dr.Bollenberg, if it's you, don't worry be happy..

Dr.Wxxxxg:you got 24 hours, smartass...
[end of conversation]

Reality catching up?? If I would comply, if I really could, just how would I erase the timelines that JD Flora spawned over the decades, such as On the trails of JD Flora, and other such droppings of fate?

See here, what it was all about:
Log #60 posted on this BLOG here -

or get your copy "The Logs of JD Flora 2: Within the Sphinx"!  More >

 Defining the Matrix3 comments
picture24 Jul 2016 @ 22:52
(from the Notes for Polar Dynamics II):

There are a number of different usages of the word Matrix around. For our purposes, let's have a fresh look.

Simple Definition of matrix:

: something (such as a situation or a set of conditions) in which something else develops or forms
: something shaped like a pattern of lines and spaces
: a container that can be filled with a material (such as very hot metal) to give the material a new shape
Source: Merriam-Webster's

The word has come en vogue through the Hollywood trilogy of the Wachowsky brothers. There it describes a fictitious world, called the Matrix, where reality is a computer simulation. This is a concept akin to Digital Physics.

When we look around in literature, we will find a lot of usages of the word 'Matrix' as the system which keeps humanity imprisoned in various ways. This then is about mind control but this is not the way we are using it here. The best examples I know of are Jon Rappoport's Exit from the Matrix, The Matrix Revealed, and Power Outside the Matrix, all linked to on the site No more fake news.

In Polar Dynamics I, we describe the Ifá Matrix of 16 by 16 energies that is creating a total of 256 patterns which are called Odu. The image displayed with this article, shows the pattern known as Oshe-tura as an example.

When I first used it this way (well before the Matrix Trilogy), I was more thinking of the usage of the word Matrix in the mathematical sense. But in Ifá, besides being one of the female Orisha, Odu can also mean uterus. Which means, in the end we are using it there both ways. In Quantum Fá, I compare this Matrix of 256 polarities to David Bohm's concept of the 'hidden variables' underneath Quantum Mechanics. In Digital Physics, there are strong arguments for assuming a base matrix of 256.

In short, we are looking simply at the structure of the Universe itself and not at the manipulation of humanity. We arrive at a classification of the basic elements of Life, Universe, and Everything. We may postulate that there are physical equivalents in the Universe if we look at Quantum Mechanics. But if this is so or not, doesn't matter for the purposes of using it the way we do.

If we look at the original definition of the word Matrix as that substance from which everything originates, we use the word 'substrate' for this 'realm'.

Sure, if we blame our problems as human Beings in this world on charged polarities, or polarizations, we could also use it in the sense of 'being caught in the Matrix'. Keep in mind, though, that we see the Odu Ifá Matrix as a playground for Beings and not as a prison. That the game has been rigged is not the fault of the engineers that created and uphold this matrix (which we call the Dreamers). It's like complaining about the cinema equipment if we don't like the movie that is currently shown.

[Note added July 27th, 2016] above should be added to a revised edition of Polar Dynamics I, below is PD II, nothing for the faint-hearted. Skip it if you are not familiar already with the terms.]

As above, so below, does not hold true for the Matrix parameters, the Universe above ours (Orun) has 36 triads instead of 16 base polarities. Chris' Magick-Universe-Matrix page) In short, we find different 'matrices' above and below ours.

There is yet another matrix we can access in advanced processing. This is a grid, at least 3-dimensional, of points in the space below the space of the physical Universe - the 'void-space', called kshetra in Sanskrit. These points contain information clusters from which the Being extrapolates its inner model of the World. Awareness of these data sets as a 'collection of different items' breaks the illusion of the Universe, at least temporarily.

Seeing objects or concepts as different items is an ability that 'ordinary' humans are unable to do without training. In fact, they may laugh at you for making such a silly proposal. Gotamo Siddharto has pointed that out 2,500 years ago. We need to engage in a practice of it, a practice that some people find uncomfortable initially. Like in Original Buddhism, we take two objects and perceive both at the same time and 'as different'. This, of course, is the principal way of depolarizing a charged dichotomy, such as an Odu Ifá, but also works for simple extremes on a scale of just one item. Example for the item 'temperature': feel 'hot' and 'cold' at the same time in two different locations of the body. (Warning: this polarity on the body can turn on symptoms of the 'common cold'. If so, continue, of course, until they turn off again.)

Lastly, it is not enough to simply 'crash' the Matrix. We need to learn, through practice, how to reconstruct our Universe vision intelligently after such a reset. The same holds true for our other methods of 'escaping the Universe'. This is limiting these kind of 'hacks'. They are still useful to 'get the picture', so to speak.

As always, look for yourself!

Note (July 26th,16):
this article is a draft for a chapter in Polar Dynamics II, by Max Sandor (and Ed Dawson, I presume, and perhaps Chris Melchior ??). The discussion on kshetra (Pali: ketta) should be an article on its own. As Ed pointed out elsewhere today, the INSIDE of the INSIDE is essentially the OUTSIDE of the OUTSIDE and not accessible from the senses WITHIN any of the Universes. This depends of course from your where you look. If you remember the slogan of the Sandorian Grove in the past "Where within the Outside of the Inside is without the Inside of the Outside". This Insight (sic!) was rather an insider joke and referred to kshetra. Access of this realm equates dropping out of all Universe chains but not yet submerging into the substrate (cp. Chris' Universe page).
Again, of course, this is hopelessly confusing until you choose to look for yourself!  More >

 Thrills&Chills Management (Part 3 - Group Thrills) 36 comments
picture2 Jun 2016 @ 15:20
This part has been withdrawn from public view because it contains too many sensitive data.

I reposted it as an empty shell here because of many private inquiries as to why Part 3 is missing. Meanwhile, I am considering editing and re-publishing a less dramatic version of 'Group Thrills'.

Max  More >

 Thrills&Chills Management (Part 4 - Example: how to get into the 'Flow State' )19 comments
picture20 May 2016 @ 22:59
Initial notes:
Below follow sketchy notes on the Flow State achievement, compiled from notes on the Thrills&Chills Management and Peak State Training by its author Max Sandor. These were made for coaches of Power Coaching but they turned out to be very useful of coachees as well, and, beyond that, even for the general public.

Peakstate and Thrill training does not apply only for extreme sports or performances. Knowing its basics also intellectually, is not only for composers, writers, movie directors to supercharge their creations. Applying the Flow State in everyday's scenario them means QUALITY OF LIFE FOR EVERYBODY!

I refrained from taking out the memetic links to the classification of Ifá, here used as an empiric system of describing the Universe through polarities within a Matrix of 16x16 principles similar to the more broadly known Chinese I-Ching (8x8). For more details on this classification system, see Polar Dynamics I by Max Sandor and Ed Dawson. Simply skip these informations if they don't make sense to you.

On the history of the Flow State paradigm see Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who coined its name.

These notes have also been published on Max Sandor's Facebook page.

The thrills, once discovered and systematically 'liberated', can be 'invoked' which means they are then available on command. For this to happen they have to be freed from confusion with concepts, emotions and efforts. Once they are not anymore happening by mere chance alone and are not anymore depending on a complicated or time-consuming setup, they can be used for a variety of purposes for oneself and for groups. As an example, we will look at a typical performance pattern that, when fully activated, induces a peak-state that has been baptized 'the Flow State'.

These patterns are the same for sports competitions, for performances of all kinds - whether on stage or in an arena, in nature or in a board meeting, Some of these steps have been ritualized in the past, some even are fraught with superstition.

In the Thrills&Chills Management, we reduce the conventional 'risk & reward' model to apply only to a few classes of games, mostly of the kind of 'non-innocent' games, games that are played for other purposes than portrayed. In general, in order to play, a certain investment must be made for setting up the game. A reward at the completion of a game is being used to setup larger or more sophisticated games. Risk & Reward are in this sense OUTSIDE the game, or EMBEDDING them.

What is the motivation to play, if not a reward? It is the THRILL. a strange beast that sometimes comes but not always, not really an emotion but very close to it. And this THRILL then is the single most important element for total immersion into a game or a part thereof. It is this immersion that is called the Flow State. It produces performances that appear super-human, and, depending on your definition of what is human, they ARE super-human.

In the following a description of how I found the 'FLOW state' for the first time. I'll explain the steps as I understand them now, more than 50 years later. Afterwards, I share the story of how I had lost it again for many years. Both stories super-imposed yield a better view on the elements necessary for 'entering the Flow'.

Here's my story - I'll make it as short as possible.

When I turned 11, I got skis and boots as a present. They were combination skis and boots both for downhill and cross-country. That year, there was snow early and I got to practice during a few weekends. On New Years Day, there was a cross-country competition and I asked if I could compete on my own, outside a club or school team. The minimal age group was for 12-14 years old and although being under-aged and without a sponsor, I was admitted if I could pay the starter fee myself. That Christmas, I asked for money instead of Christmas presents, and miraculously I got the starter fee together (which is another story!).

On New Years Day, I slept for only 3 hours, got up at 5 in the morning to be on my way to the competition. I had only money for the tram to the city's border but not for the bus to the final destination. But I got my skis, alright, and with the help of a compass, I made a shortcut through the forest and after 5 km through the snow, I arrived right in time for the registration. Someone graciously let me have a hot tea from his sponsor, and soon I had my racing number on my chest and was in line for the start. I noticed I was by far the smallest guy of all and the only one who didn't have proper cross-country skis, My heavy boots raised quite a few astonished eyebrows. There I was. I thought: no chance, but I'll enjoy it anyway. I've come that long, now I shall compete, no matter what! Soon after, in line for the release of my start number 31, one runner every 20 seconds, I closed my eyes and tried to relax a bit. The sky was clear and the sun was high up and bright and hot. Around me was a chaotic disorder of people, skis and ski sticks, coaches shouting last advices, the runners warming up, waiting to get in the final line for the release for the race. I got in line, closed my eyes, waiting for the countdown, and nearly went blind when I opened them again at the moment of the release. And off I went, into the snow-covered mountains for a 1 km loop to be passed three times. In a short while, it became silent around me, just nature, my skis, myself, and my breath. I calmed down. I had nothing to lose. I had no chance but I'll race anyway. The landscape was so beautiful, for a moment I paused in awe to admire it. But then I went on and still looked at its beauty from the side of my eyes, seeing the trees pass by swiftly, as if THEY were gliding in the snow and not me. And then it happened, something had changed. My heavy ski boots seemed to lift me up instead of dragging me down. My sense of time was somehow different. The silence had a beautiful sound to it. I was floating in time and space and I never had enjoyed myself before so much as in this moment. I started to wonder why nobody of the stronger runners who certainly had started after me, were passing me by. I looked back, and couldn't see anybody. Ahead of me, I saw a group of three, and, to my own surprise, I closed the gap soon, and, at the next opportunity I had passed them. It gave me a strange feeling every time I overtook another runner. And so I made three more rounds, chasing and overtaking quite a few others that had started before me, and finally I floated through the finishing line. I had made it!

Yes, I had arrived! I was happy, I cried, I felt like I had been reborn, or something like that. I sat down, I felt alone in the crowd, I was silent inside. I felt like a baby in Mom's womb. Then, not that long thereafter, the results were announced: does anyone know this guy who just won? He isn't on anyone's team. Where does this guy come from? That's what I heard people saying, and then someone shouting: Number 31, please come to the jury's desk immediately! 31! That was me. I had won. Against all odds. I had won!

As you read these lines, you already know what had happened. Unbeknownst to me, I had entered what nowadays is called a Flow State. I had no idea. It simply happened.


In the hindsight of MANY years, Here are the steps of what I went through in detail.  More >

 Thrills&Chills Management (Part 2 - Behind the curtain)11 comments
picture19 May 2016 @ 17:21
Thrills&Chills Management is an essential tool of Game Management to motivate the players initiating and maintaining a game.

It supersedes conventional 'Rewards & Risk' models which are true only in games which have been compromised (see below).

It introduces the concept of 'Essences' as a 'third E' in addition to Efforts and Emotions.

A THRILL is the indication of a MOVE towards a desired game position. Take notice here, it is the MOVE, not the fulfillment of the action itself.

A CHILL is the opposite of a thrill - a desired position has been thwarted.

Both Thrills and Chills, in the definitions here used, are NOT emotions even though they typically prompt players & spectators to have some of the latter.

It is common to confuse thrills'n'chills with the emotions of celebration and disappointment after a victory or a defeat. This happens to spectators which are NOT players. A perfect player does not feel any emotion during the duration of a game - it would hinder peak performance as a player.

Again, Thrills&Chills are mirrored down from the upper-consciousness of a PLAYER. There are a glimpse from a different 'Universe' in which 'flows of essences' is the core of the game. Essences are comparable to Efforts and Emotions: however, they are from entirely different 'worlds': efforts are embedded in the physical Universe, emotions are human sentiments.

The perceptions of a flow within a game as a spectator and as a player are DIFFERENT. In consequence, the thrill experienced by a player is often NOT even imaginable by the spectator.



A Thriller, like in movies and books, consists of a SEQUENCE of thrills and chills with a final CLIMAX which ends the game (an the movie).

In ball games, we often see an embedding larger game structure with the possibility of several climaxes for either party (goals or points) and this larger game is than viewed as the 'game itself'.

In acquisition games ('Monopoly') the only difference is that there are no time limits like in sports games.


About Analyzing Games:

- A first action typically consists of a survey of actual (currently) existing thrills and chills.

- Next, isolate and model/simulate the game scenarios. Substitute links to other games by tokens (placeholders) and model those separately to reduce complexity of the model.

- Mark the 3 types of 'E' where they occur in the flow of game events: Effort, Emotion, and Essence. The latter can be only INFERRED because they happen in a super-conscious event space.

- Evaluate the type of a game (see below)

- Here and now, analyze the conventional wisdom of resource analysis (risk & reward) and determine what the expected outcome would be (win/win. win/lose. lose/win, or lose/lose).

- You can now redesign the games compound as needed.


Notes on types of Games:

- an INNOCENT game is a game that is played for the sake of playing a game, like children's game, and, in a sense, the game of life in our Universe.

- a FALSE game is that produces another effect than what has been proposed by the game makers

- a MALICIOUS or BAD GAME is a trick game to cause the participants to be hurt

- a FAKE GAME is one that is offered to occlude a 'real game' which remains hidden

- a SPOILED GAME, a pseudo-game where the 'reward' of the game makers is the only objective

Note, that a game may have a 'mixed-type' and that it may CHANGE its type over time (which, if intentionally done so, is typical of a malicious or a spoiled game).

Last not least:
“Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet you can't win.”
-- Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love  More >

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