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 Modeling a number: the beauty, power, and danger of 9024 comments
picture5 Apr 2014 @ 20:55
Today in the Grove we modeled a rather innocent looking number: 90 (ninety).

Lo and behold, a factor analysis reveals a planetarium containing no less than 7 of the 16 Olodus of Quantum Fá plus some of the hottest Odu of Ifá in general.

As we all remember from school, haha, 90 is a unitary perfect number as well as a semiperfect and a pronic number. Alas, it is also a nontotient and the atomic number of thorium.

As an atomic weight it identifies an isotope of strontium. However, I would really advise to NOT call a Stronzo number, you could get yourself into deep trouble. In any case, it commences one of the largest known non-primes intervals (8, from 89 to 97) and is the countdown to either CHAOS or a new CAUSE.

Over the next days we will study the progression of the planetariums of non-prime numbers. Don't worry, I won't bother you with details until we discover its circularity and why the total sum of ALL numbers is -1/12, yes MINUS one-twelfth.

Have a nice weekend :)

Max on facebook [link] and on the web [link]  More >

 Review of Game #617 and... let's up the gaming level!66 comments
picture16 Mar 2014 @ 00:33
As quite a few of you already know, this game was called off on 2/14/2014 - winner: NONE. If we'll see yet another repitition, we'll see. Or not, that's the paradox of the RESET. The regular memory banks (dubbed Akashic Records) are RESET at the same time. Who then will be able to tell we had a RESET?

There are some good news:
- with the first players leaving, the most suppressive player left the game too. Who knows the story, knows his name. His remaining clones will not last for very long.
- The Interim-Boss of the Game is Oshumaré who, in secret traditions, is reportedly also the one throwing the switch of the hologram generator.
- in the meantime, rules are 'loose', which means we can play for a while a bit more relaxed and we may even get to enjoy some features of this Universe which have been forgotten a long time: multi-track (***) and multi-body, an extra set of fascinating colors, some new sound effects, better 3D perceptions, and so forth.
- as a sidenote, the trailer used to sell entrance to this show is still being shown. Check it out to get some nice ideas even if you may not understand all of it as our preceptions got pretty limited in this game!
- if that's too complicated, or better: in any case, zoom into the time span at the beginning of this Universe/Game before the Obatala-challenge!

Getting back to use the pre-challenge game features, could rightfully be called a 'higher gaming level'.

Happy gaming, everyone!

PS: check out [link] as a reference.

*** 'multi-track': experience multiple event tracks based on different choices at a decision-point until the next decision-point (node) in the hologram event scripting.  More >

 2014: What's in a number?93 comments
picture30 Jan 2014 @ 13:15
(not for the superstitious!?!)

Whenever people congregate, a geometric constellation is being created. Some of these are more stable than others. Some tend to split up in smaller groups.

Another example are geometric objects. 2 points make a line, everybody knows that, and, of course, you're all too familiar with an Enneadecagon which is sometimes called Enneakaidecagon, meaning it has 19 sides.

For the factors that make up the magic of the number 2014, which, for the coming eleven months, is being steadily invoked by billions of people everyday, yes, every minute, we still need a fancy name for 53, hmmm, how about Tripentacontagon, that was easy...

Still easier is to point the fingers using Fleming's Left Hand Rule. But can you chant that number (53) times without breathing?

Added bonus info, free of charge: people invoke just 14 as well, as in Jan-29-14. That means that Oturupon (14) is the ruling energy together with 2 and 20, Oyeku and Oyeku-fua. Expect that the power structures in the world (and in your family) are finally becoming so obvious that they can't be longer ignored with lots of crashes and confusion in the process.

And, along the same line, everybody born in 1953 will be entering their 61st year. 61, as we all know, is a prime number (actually a twin prime), and its an 'all-or-nothing' energy. But did you know that, since 8! + 1 is divisible by 61 but 61 is not one more than a multiple of 8, and therefore that 61 is a Pillai prime? And that it's in the list of Fortunate numbers? See [link] if you don't believe me. Your chemical element, in case you didn't know yet, is Promethium. As you might expect by now, it's symbol is PM.

Best of luck! You will need it.  More >

 Best wishes for 201417 comments
picture24 Dec 2013 @ 23:39
May the year 2014:

- bring more freedom despite the rising suppression of local and global 'governments'!

- bring more health despite vaccines, fluorides in the water, and pesticides in the foods!

- bring more wisdom despite all efforts of schools, TV and newspapers to the contrary!

- bring more wealth despite the global banks sucking out the last pennies from its 'customers'!

- bring you more happiness despite the constant shower of horror stories by the news stations!

- make the Anunnaki drop their hatred for mankind!

- and make the global&local politicians be ashamed and stop helping the decimation of mankind by 95%! May the 'powers that be' realize that by cutting the base of the bell curve will crash the TOP TOO!

May all of us play until the end just like the musicians on the Titanic!

Have a great year everybody! And enjoy the show while it lasts :)  More >

 Birthing and Croaking in Today's Most Decadent Civilization10 comments
picture4 Oct 2013 @ 16:57
As pointed to in 'Letters from Rome' [link] , there are two main indicators of the health (or the insanity) of a culture civilization: how their members are born and how they die.

I was painfully remembered of one side of this verity when I watched the documentary 'Birth Reborn' (O Renascimento do Parto) [link] yesterday night. In a stunning potpourri of beautiful people & nature, actors and Rio, Rio, and more Rio, mixed with cruel scenes from inside the worst kind of place to be: our hospitals.

The film is promoting natural birth, especially birth at home. Courageously, it exposes some of the false myths and outright lies spread by the medical business. Not all of them, mind you, and probably that's a way to ensure some success in delivering its message. Just a bit more truth may already be unbearable for most viewers, from whatever camp they may come.

To fill the gap, here are some additional notes, most of them already covered on this Blog more than 6 years ago, at the time the son of my stepdaughter was born at the Sandorian Grove, still within the 'bag', a double-twist of umbilical cord around his neck, a tooth in his mouth already, and with a BIG SMILE. No wonder, his birth happened under OPPOSITE conditions as we would find in a hospital today - NO strong lights, noises, coldness, people chattering idle words void of love.

The film mentions briefly the unholy custom of cutting the umbilical cord early. It doesn't advert the viewer that the cutting itself is completely unnecessary and steeped in superstition and the placenta BUSINESS. It scales preferable birth from Cesarean to natural, and from hospitals to maternities and home birth BUT completely omits the option of the Lotus Birth [link] . It beautiful (and repeatedly) points to the fact that Cesarean birth in nature causes the mother to reject their newborn but fails to link it to the growing violence and illness in our society in general.

Again, the film required a lot of courage and positive power to do at all. It is a MUST SEE for everyone, whatever gender or age. It celebrates the TRUE LOVE of a mother for her child and it shows IT CAN BE DIFFERENT in today's society!

Still, one must say, as the insane efforts to rob women their innate power of childbirth and delegate it to robotic humans and machinery are gaining more foothold every day. Rio, let us be reminded, was the city that wanted to OUTLAW home-birth last year, and the stupidity of bureaucrats combined with their tenacity can never be underestimated.


Coming to a theater near you (as long as the medical 'doctors' can't prevent it).

Max Sandor is on Facebook
His website is at  More >

 Quan Fa Vs Hey Shyong Fu, the official Martial Arts in Quantum Fá9 comments
picture24 Sep 2013 @ 01:00
Recent inquiries lead me to clarify a few things, names and such:

Quan Fa, also known as Chuan Fa or Kenpo, means literally the Law of the Fist . In Quantum Fá we're looking for the Law of the Minimum , also known as the quantum . In other words, Quan Fa/Kenpo is not the official Martial Arts of Quantum Fá.

But, Quantum Fá, like any good philosophy, sect or cult in the world, needed to have its own Martial Arts. Traditional Ifá did have its own Martial Arts, Aki, which has been outlawed a few centuries ago. In any case, and of course, like any good tradition, Quantum Fá's Martial Arts is top-secret and only handed over personally to the very best of the best. However, some time ago its once secret name was spilled by some whistleblower(s). No need to hide it any more.

So, here it is: it's called Hey Shyong Fú, literally the 'Black Bear Method'. Its roots are said to be from a precursor of today's Tai Chi, created about 70,000 years ago. There are few living masters of this ancient art. We know only of two lone teachers, one in Thailand at the beach, the other one roaming the jungles of Brazil.

The name came from the Himalayan Bear, Ursus Thibetanus, similar but not identical to the American Grizzly and the Bipolar Bear, for example. In short, a name as subtle as its secret handsign, the right index finger pointing, slightly obscenely, to the adept's head brain (see attached official poster). Its battle cry is composed of 3 (three!) most powerful switchwords: 'Hey Fá Fú' that surely have a very secret meaning (a special note here for Americans: Fú is pronounced 'foo', like in 'Foo Fighters').

The truth is that it is based on the 'Minimum Technique' for polar inversion, which, like the rest, is only passed on from a master to a few select.

Special rates apply for families, Illuminati (yes, we do have a Swiss number account!). ETs (Anunnaki), DOs (Disincarnated Ones), and ITs (Intraterrestrials): payments in local currency only, please!

Inscriptions are now open for all ages, races, sexes, and weight classes!  More >

 'The Flinch' in Epigenetic Tuning16 comments
picture19 Sep 2013 @ 03:43
The phenomenon of the 'flinch' has not found much attention until recently. There is an easy to read introduction by Julien Smith available as a free Kindle e-book here: [link] . This is ironic but understandable: during a 'flinch' perception is being shut down and one therefore doesn't 'remember' it.

In the aforementioned book it is emphasized how the 'flinch' is not just affecting a martial arts fighter but that the 'flinch' is part of our entire life as it was already part of the lives of our forefathers. And it is here where we have to bridge over to Epigenetic Tuning (Sandor, 2013) which consists of a series of actions (called 'processes') that work on one's attitudes which were inherited 'epigenetically' from the experiences of our ancestors.

The 'flinch' is so much part of our lives that we are not noticing anymore. It appears 'normal' to us and it seemingly doesn't affect us much because we don't feel any emotional 'charge' about it (for obvious reasons, see above). This may the reason why it has been largely ignored by mainstream psychology and 'new age'-self-help paradigms alike. Another reason may have been that until now there have been no resources available to cope with this phenomenon.

The first time I came across the 'flinch' phenomenon was in the early '90s when I took private classes from one of the most amazing healers and martial arts 'experts' that I met in my life, Sy Guttentag, who unfortunately passed away before having compiled his innumerous notes on the nature of body-system. With him, a new philosophy of healing based exclusively on the Yin/Yang principles as cause/effect conflicts of opposing flows has been lost too.

Sy's healing philosophy was based on his observation that a 'symptom' appears invariably at the OPPOSITE side of a polarity on the body. Therefore, treating a symptom as the cause, has no effect on the actual basis for an illness, in the extreme, it can do more harm than good. He developed a system in 'chasing down' the actual cause, often enough 'cellular memories' during the developmental stages of life.

This is an area which can be accessed by 'Root Healing', see [link] with the already mentioned problem of FINDING the flinch in the first place.

In Epigenetic Tuning we have tools to both locate and eliminate 'flinches', however, the processes available in the moment are very advanced and really quite tough. Research on the subject of how to eliminate the 'flinching' is currently done only be few 'bold guys', for said reasons.

In closing, it should be mentioned that Gurdjieff approach, favoured by martial arts people, of 'just being tougher' is of limited value from a perspective of holisting healing as it tends to put a new layer of 'case on top of case' instead of freeing one's attention.

Current research indicates that the 'flinch' phenomenon is directly involved with the -Cosmic Glue- effect, the sticking of the Being to the hologram, a problem that Gotamo Siddharto (the 'Buddha') declared non-solvable for any Being, human or beyond.

We can see now clearly that 'flinches', meaning 'blackouts' of perception, exist for ALL modalities, kinesthetic to auditory, and not just for 'visual' events, such as a fist moving towards our face. They are limiting EVERYBODY in doing whatever they're doing: musicians playing music, executives making decisions, finding your true love in life... the list is endless...

Eliminating the 'flinch', is an UPGRADE to human existence, HOMO SAPIENS 2.O!


For more background data on body systems in general, see Chris' [link] , "The definitive guide to energy-bodies". About polarities in particular, the Quantum Fá project is here [link] (under development).

Max Sandor is on Facebook
His website is at [link]  More >

 A spectre is haunting the World — the spectre of Systemic Change9 comments
picture26 Jun 2013 @ 15:26
A spectre is haunting the World — the spectre of Systemic Change. All the powers of old World have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Obama, Merkel and Dilma, Italian Radicals and German police-spies.

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as being just another outlet of the corporate manipulation by the people who can see? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of corruption, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its corrupt pseudo-adversaries?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Systemic Change is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that those who want Systemic Change should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Systemic Change with a manifesto of itself.

To this end, Systemic Changers of various nationalities have assembled in the Internet and are sketched the soon-to-be-published manifesto, to be published in the English, French, German, Italian, Flemish and Danish languages.  More >

 The Lifecycle of Societies Vs Conspiracy Theories10 comments
picture23 Jun 2013 @ 14:52
"The principle root of human insanity is the belief in a single cause." (Gotamo Siddharto, aka the 'Buddha', 2500+ years ago)

Perhaps the first 'systemic' thinker known by his name in the history of mankind, Gotamo, is said to have made this little known statement in one of his discourse on the 'chain of dependent co-arising of manifestations' in which he also points out the observation that every manifestation has a LIFECYCLE: being caused, born, growing up, peaking, decaying, and finally dying.

History in the Western world largely ignores this and attributes events exclusively to its heroes or devilish foes, inevitably polarizing into 'good' and 'bad'. The only major attempt to correct this view was down by Karl Marx who, based on Hegel's dialectics, tried to portray history as a process but largely ignoring its cyclical character and therefore coming to Utopian, read impossible, conclusions.

From a systemic view, the process of history provides 'variables' in its dynamic formula in which 'real' persons enter to fulfill a destined function. In other words, history is NOT made by Obamas, Merkels, and Dilmas, but those latter merely fill vacant positions to be assumed by whoever is striving hard enough to step into these roles.

Such an approach changes our view of today's society profoundly. In the search of who is to blame for the wars and economic imbalances that plague our human world, it doesn't suffice to point to the figures in the limelight. In the absence of a George W. Bush, another person with another name would have taken up his role in the process of the lifecycle of the current society. Or, as Joseph de Maistre wrote, "Every country has the government it deserves".

As a consequence, a 'revolution' does NOT change the course of history at all, as Karl Marx was speculating, but it ACCELERATES the same on its already taken path.

What could be done to change the course REALLY, one may ask. Is it possible at all? Or is anything what we're doing only speeding up or prolonging the agony of a civilization doomed to death? And, what is this path? In the paradigm of Quantum Fá we see all cycles based on a path of polarizations between male and female principles, aka Yin and Yang, eternally dancing (or fighting!) the dance of Shiva and Shakti, Will versus Consciousness, Spirit for or against Soul, Egos versus the 'We are all One'-dream, individual freedom within a collective welfare. Groups of humans band together to form larger societies on a path from what appears chaos to what appears order. What happens that inertia takes control of this process and order turns suppression, cooperation turns into coercion, until the system self-destructs. This is the 'natural' process in which our society of today is embedded.

If this is a 'natural' path, is its course inevitable or can we supersede it with a new cycle of social development? What we certainly can strive for is to FILL the spectrum of human experience with more insight, enthusiasm and beauty. We should not forget that amid the negatives that we look at, for many of us life has never been as good, secure, peaceful and full of possibilities as in the past 60 years. The opportunities to improve our condition as human beings as such, have never been so ample and accessible for that many people. By doing that, we can UPGRADE the consciousness of the human collective mind. Which, after all, determines what type of government is arising to try to control it. We can buy time and space for the quality of our human experience.

Which is one more reason to shift from a strategy of Duragraha, confrontation, to a strategy of Satyagraha, molding our environment by changing it through changing ourselves. Or, as Gandhi put it: "we need to convert our enemies instead of fighting them!" It appears to me that only in this way, we can put the seeds into the human consciousness which could spawn a new cycle of civilization, a cycle that maintains a practical balance between the individual quest for freedom and fulfillment and the needs of ALL humans as part of a collective super-Being.  More >

 The philosophical-religious background of the Satyagraha concept68 comments
picture23 Jun 2013 @ 01:46
The word Satyagraha came to the West as a name coined by Mahatma Gandhi for his concept of "peaceful civil disobedience" in his efforts to rid India of the British occupation more than one-hundred years ago. Gandhi choose the word carefully but still had to change it several times afterwards because he expanded it (or reverted it) to its original spiritual background at which point it lost its force as a strategical approach against oppression.

In the Satyagraha 2.0 proposal [link], we use this concept therefore deliberatly VOID of any religious or philosophical connotation.

For a very good overview over the Satyagraha concept in general, see Wikipedia. [link]

In the following, we will look at what is NOT being said there.

The translations of Satyagraha as 'force of love', 'power of truth', or 'truth prevails' are simply NOT translations but INFERENCES based on the interpretations of Gandhi himself and a host of religious teachers who claim to know and use this power.

If we look at the word 'Satya' itself it clearly and unmistakenly means 'is-ness'. It is from a shallow perspective the 'reality' of the 'solid stuff' of the Universe in contrast to the ideas about it, or what could be called the 'spiritual' phenomena.

Western thinking has lost the difference of the meanings of Soul and Spirit during the medieval times, or so it seems, and since then, pneuma and psyche, shiva and shakti, yin and yang, Seele und Geist, have been collapsed to mean the same thing. Which cannot be, of course, and which is the downfall of most modern philosophies of our times.

With a revived understanding of Soul and Spirit as the two main principles of the Universe, we could also Satya define as the tangible result of the interaction of BOTH, 'reality as such', or, as many Indians do, limit it to the manifestations produced by Soul (even if it's done under the guidance of Spirit). For now, let's reduce it to 'reality of Soul', or simply 'Soul'. Some 'translations' actually use 'Soul' in the compound, but lacking the distinction of Soul and Spirit, its meaning becomes diffuse again.

But let's go ahead with our contemplations!

'Agraha' has been identified as the second part of the compound satya-agraha (satyagraha) and is commonly translated as 'force', 'insistence', and similar. Even with little knowledge of Sanskrit, it is obvious that the prefix A- means the ABSENCE of something and it is therefore a definition by a 'negative'. But concepts like 'force' and 'power' are beyond any doubts definitions by 'positives' and this can't be quite it.

This brings us to the contemplation of what 'graha' means. The suffix -ha typically points to the character or classification of the preceding root, similar to the German suffix '-heit', like in 'everything related to X'. There are no established roots for gra*, only ghra* (to smell) and gr.h* (to take, to seize). It makes therefore a lot of sense to follow a common modern day translation of 'agraha' as 'that what cannot be seized'.

Which leaves us for the compound 'Satyagraha' with 'the Reality which cannot be seized', or, close to inference, but not just yet, with 'untangible suchness'.

If we extrapolate the union of Soul and Spirit and call it 'substrate' (as in some circles we now do), 'Satyagraha' can be seen as a name for exactly this: the (untangible) substrate underlying Spirit and Soul.

Addendum (addressing the feedback received):

"The Akashic template of the word Satyagraha currently is Peace + Flow. So it's not making change itself, but disallowing persistence, and it is done with peace which includes acceptance and receptiveness to all-that-is." (Chris)

"I found 'seize' also for graha, but another meaning is to perceive or recognize.

I am glad you wrote this out, it again highlights the fact that languages, even dead, frozen ones, have their words change in meaning over time in ways the people using them cannot perceive. The classic example of course is how dukkha changed from meaning 'duality, split apart', to becoming the perceived EFFECT of duality and shoved sideways into meaning the opposite of sukha.

If we take 'seize' as the meaning we get the isness (essence) of what cannot be seized, which is the olodu Osa.

So be slippery in the face of force! :)
Thanks, Max. :)

Further notes by Max:
Upon request, a few words on the concept of Duragraha. Note, that Satyagraha is spelled better with a long 'a' or 'double a', like Satyaagraha. In the West, we omit the 'long a' for ease of reading and writing. Dura-graha in contrast does not have this double 'a', and ironically this perhaps contributed to the confusion about the interpretation of the real meaning Satyagraha (outside its usage as a political strategy).

'Dura' comes from root duh*, 'to injure, hurt or kill', and as a consequence it means 'seizing/taking by means of hurting'. It is often (mis)translated as 'stubborn resistance' and 'fixed prejudgment', both inferences that have little to do with the original word&meaning, probably caused by interpretations of Gandhi himself, and, again, of 'spiritual leaders' that, as usual, like to moralize.

Duragraha is the declared strategy of the USA and it needs 'motivators' to justify itself. From there stems the method of artificially creating vandalism or atrocious acts that can then easily be used to implement 'hardliner' actions.

Example: immediately after the first peaceful mass demonstrations in Brazil a week ago, President Dilma, immediately declared to 'come down hard on vandalism'. Makes sense? Yes, if the orders are already given to send some undercover provocateurs to the coming events. This is how Duragraha is implemented. The last decades are full such violent 'aggressions' instigated by oppressive forces, in the USA, Europe, and elsewhere.  More >

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